At Isle of Summer, we're not impressed by fast fashion and want you to treasure our pieces for years, not just one season. Our fabrics are pre-washed to avoid shrinking and when possible, low iron. And because we're obsessed with the little details, we have chosen to finish our garments using French seams.

Let's take a look at the high end finish it gives our garments: 



In summery, a french seam is a seam with all the raw edges enclosed. So that means you can't see any raw or overlocked edges. This gives garments a very neat finish on the inside, which is especially good for items which might flap open in the wind or fold over. 

It also means the seam is much less likely to come apart, making the seam more durable and longer lasting than a straight stitched or overlocked edge. 

This method also takes a little more time to finish but we feel the end results are well worth the extra attention to detail. 

what are french seams